The Museum of Climate Futures

The Museum of Climate Futures is a series of experimental participatory workshops that uses objects from a museum set on the future, to create speculative scenarios designed to explore the drivers and dynamics of climate change now and in the future.

Example : The Stove, Dumfries. 10th Dec 2015
Participants picked an object from the Museum of Climate Futures archives and then picked three cards; date, place and driver (technology, culture, politics, religion, economy etc) In pairs they developed speculative scenarios that narrated the providence of each object.

Click each image to reveal the scenarios

Part of ArtCOP21, the workshop was one of a series of events exploring the affects of climate change  as part of the wider cultural programme coinciding with the Paris Climate Talks (the COP21). The workshop was followed by A Question of Scale, an evening of discussion and conversation on:
How artists engage with large scale issues and concepts like environment and climate change
How artists influence new ways of looking at the future? How can we create our own futures?
How artists create new local contexts for global and large-scale issues
Do we need a new way to talk about climate change?
Can localised, personal actions affect change on larger levels/across larger communities?