The Museum of Future Food

Header image: Museum of Future Food at The Scottish Parliament 2015.

The Museum of Future Food is an artwork with the aim of engaging audiences with current thinking on food and sustainability through the creation of fictional futures. The objects in the Museum are provocations, intended to encourage exploration of the drivers and dynamics of change including culture, technology, politics, science, economics and climate change.

The Museum of Future Food is a prototype developed for the Nil by Mouth programme, a 15 month programme of residencies and workshops with food producers and scientists exploring food, art, science, sustainability and public engagement. It was previewed at The Scottish Parliament in November 2015. The installation consists of a series of museum exhibits, accompanying catalogue and audio. The Scenarios were developed in collaboration with Prof Christine Watson from SRUC Aberdeen. Further information here

Museum of the FutureNow workshops use the Museum of Future Food installation to introduce participants to the workshop concepts. The installation is accompanied with a catalogue of exhibits and audio delivered via wireless headphones.

Museum of Future Food

Museum of Future Food at the Scottish Parliament 2015 and Museum Catalogue

Catalogue of Exhibits

Catalogue PDF – Click to view


Exhibit 1.
SHARE Product from the Citizen Buyback Movement. Scotland 2023
Exhibit 3
A Hand Pollination Brush (human hair, silver, wood) Northern France 2042
Exhibit 5
NuPro Synth-Bio Food Product (manufactured) 2050
Manufacturer: Glaxo Smith Monsanto
Exhibit 2.
Radical Farmers Alliance Flag (fragment)
England 2029
Exhibit 4
Victorian Brooch. Bee in Amber (in use 2043) Manufactured Europe 1837