Solway Hoard Workshops

The Solway Hoard considers the legacy of our time: The Plastic Age (1950-2050). By travelling to a museum set 1,000 years into the future, we can reflect on this period through the exhibits and their stories.

The stories are based on the imaginings of people across Dumfries and Galloway, who participated in The Museum of the FutureNow workshops between October and December 2022. The Museums of the FutureNow is a participatory process designed to explore the web of factors that combine to create complex challenges for society and environment.

The museum process invited participants to create the fictional provenance of the artefacts presented in the exhibition. The process allowed for the imagining of many alternative futures which are rich, varied and full of detail. Many include themes of ecological loss and mourning, conflict, crime, technological innovation and spiritual salvation, the roots of which may lie in the anxieties of the present.

We hope this work will be a call to action, for both the public and decision makers, to find solutions to the problems presented by our current use of plastics.

Workshops led by Mike Bonaventura, Robbie Coleman, Jo Hodges.

Images: Mike Bolam

Museum Workshops at The Mill on the Fleet (Gatehouse of Fleet), Logan Botanic Gardens (Port Logan) and Dumfries Museum. 2022.

The Solway Hoard exhibition is part of the Positive Action for a Cleaner Solway Project created by the Solway Firth Partnership in collaboration with The Museums of the FutureNow. This project was supported by the Scottish Government’s Marine Fund Scotland and has also assisted volunteer groups involved in beach cleans along the Solway Coast. All the exhibits in the exhibition were collected from beach cleans along the Solway Firth.

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