Other Museums

The curators have presented the following specifically designed museums :

Museums of the FutureNow: Cultural Adaptation

For Creative Carbon Scotland. Venue: V&A, Dundee. 28th Sept 2022

Supercharging the Cultural Toolbox to address climate change : Scoping opportunities for climate action collaboration by Scottish cultural organisations. What role will cultural institutions play in our response to climate emergency/ adaptation?    

Scotland’s cultural organisations can and want to help with the transformation to a zero-carbon, climate-adapted Scotland. Collaboration enables organisations to enhance the individual steps they are taking on climate action, particularly through their programming, convening and influencing power. This event brought together group members, guest experts on using culture for climate action and national and local government representatives working on policy in these areas, with the aim of scoping out the benefits of coordination among cultural organisations in Scotland, the options for working together and with those working on climate change, and what the next steps are to put coordination into action. The Museum of the Future Now gave participants an opportunity to reimagining the role that cultural institutions might play in our response to climate emergency/ adaptation.

The Museums of the FutureNow: Keelung

Developed for Keeling Ciao 2019, Taiwan. Oct 2019. Participants built speculative scenarios in order to reflect on local social and environmental issues and to reimagine the port of Keelung.

The Museums of the FutureNow: Cities and Infrastructure

Developed for Scotland’s Flood Risk Management Conference, University of Strathclyde 2018.

The Museums of the FutureNow: Cultural Regeneration

Developed for a visioning day for the Stove Network, Dumfries to look at what role the Stove may play in the future. 2018

Museums of the FutureNow: Public Space

Developed for the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture for Masters Students. January 2020.

Museums of the FutureNow: Environmental Justice

Developed as an online version for the Just Festival August 2020 in collaboration with Creative Carbon Scotland.

“An inspirational evening. Great format as a way of engaging with a new and diverse audience” Participant

“Fascinating, thought provoking and fun” Participant

“Thank you everyone for this incredibly inspirational experiment!”  Participant

Very engaging event. Thank you very much!” Participant

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Museums of the FutureNow:Radical Museum Practice

For Museums Galleries Scotland (online) 15th & 16th September 2021

This online iteration of the Museums of the FutureNow worked with Board members and staff to create speculative scenarios. The scenarios opened up space for thinking through what role museums might play in a rapidly changing world and the challenges that this presents.

The Museums of the FutureNow: Public Art

Developed as a participatory workshop at Then/Now Symposium, A symposium on public art, place-making, heritage and ecology. December 2016 Glasgow.