The Museums of the FutureNow is an evolving series of speculative artworks and participatory workshops designed to explore the web of ecological, cultural, technological and political factors that combine to create complex challenges for society and environment both now and in the future.

The Museums of the FutureNow is curated by Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges (www.colemanhodges.com) and Professor Mike Bonaventura.

Further information on the following page : Background to The Museums of the FutureNow

The Museum of the FutureNow has been included as a case study in The Greening Arts Practice Guide [GAP Guide] by Chrysalis Arts. The PDF is downloadable HERE

The Museums:

Museum of Climate Futures
Museum of Future Food
Other Museums

The Museum Process:

The Museums of the FutureNow uses objects from a museum set in the future, to create speculative scenarios designed to explore the drivers and dynamics of change. The Museum of Future Food is an installation that introduces participants to the Museum of the FutureNow process. After exploring the installation, participants choose an object from the archives of the Museums of the FutureNow. They then pick three cards that give them the context of the object; date, place and driver (technology, culture, politics, religion, economy, society, environment) Within a 30 minute time limit, they collaborate on developing speculative scenarios that narrate the provenance of each object and present this back to the group for discussion.

“You have crafted a really simple, totally ingenious and very effective vehicle for trying to think about the future. Of all the ’tools’ I have been involved in using to imagine 20, 30, 50 years ahead, this has been the most enjoyable and I actually think meaningful. ” 

Workshop participant. Creative Carbon Scotland. May 2016

A selection of objects from the Museums of the FutureNow:

Museum workshops creating speculative scenarios: