The Museums of the FutureNow is an evolving series of speculative artworks and participatory workshops designed to explore the web of ecological, cultural, technological and political factors that combine to create complex challenges for society and environment both now and in the future.

The Museums of the Future Now is curated by Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges (www.colemanhodges.com) and Professor Mike Bonaventura

Background to The Museums of the FutureNow

The Museums:

The Museum of Climate Futures

The Museum of Future Food

Other Museums

The curators have also presented ‘The Museums of the FutureNow: Public Art ‘, developed as a participatory workshop at Then/Now Symposium, A symposium on public art, place-making, heritage and ecology. December 2016 Glasgow and ‘The Museums of the FutureNow: Public Space’  for the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture for Masters Students. January 2020.