Kousseri (Cameroon) 2045 – Technology

This drinking vessel/container was used by travelling refugee communities in the Kousseri region of Cameroon. As storms, flash flooding and then permanent drought decimated the economies of the ancient farming communities across the region, clean water became a precious resource. In the absence of international aid due to the seemingly endless local wars with Boko Haram, the refugee populations were forced to create their own indigenous solutions. Engineering students forced to leave their educational establishments (but still with mobile connection to the internet) began to research water filtration methods from around the world. This resulted in a series of hyper local solutions that not only reflected local conditions but also local traditional crafts. Sophisticated personal water collector/filtration systems were to be found merged with ancient water carriers and carrying techniques. These nomadic technologies, developed in conditions of hardship and political instability in rural Cameroon are now to be found in societies around the globe, enabling the radical ‘micro farming’ movement (2058 to the present) to bring health and autonomy to threatened peoples around the globe.