Survival Token

Date – 2203

Place – Odessa, Ukraine

A powerful cultural object created from waste material originally used as insulation in buildings.

The resurgence of extreme right-wing politics in across Eastern Europe in 2203 with the resulting civil unrest provoked one of the largest migrations of people since the Second World War (1939 – 1945)

The scale of the unrest and the resulting armed response, from governments and security forces in the region, left few avenues of escape for refugees. One of these avenues was the river Danube. This route flowing through the newly formed city states, militia strongholds and government checkpoints was fraught with danger. Travelling mostly under the cover of darkness on hastily constructed rafts, thousands of refugee families made the perilous journey to the Black Sea.

The region around Odessa, depopulated since the Russo-Ukrainian war (2014-2029) offered sanctuary and a new start for the refugees.

The repopulation and resurgence of Odessa as a major trading port is entirely down to the work, innovation and vitality of the ‘Danubians’ as they became known.

The object is a wearable token made from the floatation materials used on the rafts and proudly worn by the original survivors, granting them respect and favoured status in their new home.

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