Plastic Fragments (Nurdles)

Date – 2495

Place – Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia. Canada

Nurdles were a vital part of the Plastic Age, the very material in its most basic form. From these simple beads an infinite variety of shapes and forms could be manufactured.

Extraordinary levels of negligence in the global manufacturing supply chains in the 20th and 21st centuries account for their presence in uncountable numbers in the oceans of the world.

Nurdles continued to find new roles and functions over the centuries. One of the most notable was their use in organised crime circles as a secure form of money after the collapse of the digital currencies of the late 24th century. With the global banking system in chaos in the aftermath of The White Out, the vast electro-magnetic event caused by unusual solar activity, international crime syndicates created a highly secret shadow currency to stabilise their operations and maintain their traditional hierarchies. The functioning of this currency was understood by a tiny elite and even now, we have no clear understanding of how it worked.

These very rare specimens in pristine condition are believed to have been recovered from the body of a Sperm Whale during a ritual burial on Prince Edward Island. It was believed that these tiny granules contained the living essence of the whale even after death and were passed from generation to generation as the whales themselves became extinct and passed into myth. This is an example of one of many ‘undertaker’ cults that sprang up during the 7th Great Extinction Event in the 3rd millennium.

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